What is Internet?

The Internet is a wider network that connects billions of computers all over the world. Using the Internet, people can share emails, photos, videos, messages to our loved ones from anywhere with an Internet connection.

What is Internet Speed test?

Internet speed test tells you how speed is your internet connection. Speed test measures your ping and download and upload speeds

Why you need to test your Internet Speed?

Check your Internet speed to see how speed is your Internet connection based on your plan.

How to test the Internet speed?

It’s very simple to Check Internet Speed, Just click on the “GO” Button.

What is Internet speed?

How long the internet takes to respond to the query or data request from one client system to the server system is the speed of the Internet, that is measured by Mbps(Megabits per Second). Mbps is data transfer capacity of the internet by millions of bits each second.

Why do you need to check the internet speed?

To sort out the problem source i.e what is the reason for delay in internet speed and video buffering where is it originating from, maybe in the service provider network or any interference in the signal while communication. Majority of the system is designed, download speed higher than upload speed.

 Identify the problem source and analyze the internet speed enhancing strategies.In this speedy lifestyle people expect their work should be done quickly without any interruption, While checking internet speed results three important speed factors of the internet i.e Download speed, Upload speed and Ping.

Download speed:

The time taken  to download or receive data from a particular server to the client system.Simply the download speed is at what speed the server system responds to requests from your device. For example how fast do you get the needed file to your computer, watching videos and movies without  buffering, installing any software is the example for download speed. The good download speed varies according to the usage i.e the file download and general browsing speed varies from software download speed and watching high quality videos, movies, playing online games and real time application needs more speed than file download or browsing. It is measured by Mbps.

Upload speed:

The time taken to send or upload any data from your device(client system) to the server. Simply the upload speed is time taken to send files,any data or any request of the client system to the server system.As same as download speed, according to your usage upload speed varies from regular file uploading to working for website and software update in the upload speed is measured by Mbps.


It is time taken by the server, respond to the request from the client system. It is measured by milliseconds, the lower value of ping represents the high internet speed and the higher value denotes the delay or trouble in the internet speed.

How to get a Speed Internet connection?

  1. Try to avoid many people using high streaming videos, live captions and online access works at the same time, it’s like  avoiding more congestion in an emergency situation.
  1. In some situations long distance may be a very serious problem if you are far away from your router it’ll decrease the speed of your internet.
  1. If your modem is an outdated one definitely it is the right time to update or change it because an outdated software can’t perform well.
  1. Once you check your internet plan it may be older or not upgraded one so check it once while contacting your internet service provider.
  1. Keep a certain distance between electronic gadgets and other appliances, so the signal does not interfere with each other.
  1. Check your system software and security, it is not malware affected and someone has not stolen your data and internet access.
  1. The place where the router is placed is an important criteria for obtaining good internet speed. If we are placed in or near to the kitchen, the other device’s wave emission will interrupt the internet signal so automatically your internet throughput will reduce.
  1. Suppose if you placed it near or above the window it may emit most of the signal ray outside. A better place for the router is the center of the workplace, living room in the house, or where most of the family members use the internet.
  1. To improve the internet speed we should disconnect the unused devices while using the internet purposely, it avoids the signal splitting in more devices at the same time.
  2. Wi-fi extenders help to get good internet speed for more users in one place but it depends on your router signal bandwidth capability.

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